Sustainable and innovative proposals.

About us

LNR is an Italian manufacturing company specializing in the production of motors and accessories for the automation and safety of roller shutters for residential, commercial and industrial systems.
Staying true to the best tradition of MADE IN ITALY, thanks to the over ten-year experience of the owner and founder Roberto Postacchini, LNR proposals are always innovative, sustainable and characterized by an exclusive design and high quality.
The daily mission is the pursuit of excellence which in the automation sector translates into safety, ease of use and reliability. LNR solutions affect both the work of partners and the daily life of customers, through the improvement of the living quality of homes and work environments
The concept of quality is also evident in internal management through careful control of production, which takes place in full compliance with the safety and environmental protection regulations. Each LNR product complies with all European regulations in force in Europe as in other countries of the world, with a close commitment with TÜV for maintaining high quality standards.


Offer innovative and efficient solutions for the automation of residential, commercial and industrial realities.​


Bringing innovation and safety
within environments domestic and industrial.


Attention to the environment with low-consumption productions and outputs that reintegrate into the circular economy.