Industrial Safety brake

Motors for sectional doors

The Mr.BLOCK fall arrester series is made up of parachutes that are mounted on frames not compensated by springs, on the opposite side of the motorization and also act as a support.

The Mr.BLOCK fall arrester built with materials protected against oxidation and having a high degree of protection (IP65), turning on radial bearings, does not require maintenance.

The choice of the Mr.BLOCK fall arrester model to be installed must be made according to the torque of the motor that moves the window. The nominal torque of the Mr.BLOCK fall arrester must always be higher than the torque of the motorized system of the window.

DR 250

Torque: 250 Nm
Operating speed: 18
Test certificate: Tor FV 9/142
Weight: 2,8 Kg

DR 300

Torque: 300 Nm
Gripping moment: 1735 Nm
Operating speed: 18
Test certificate: Tor FV 13/163
Weight: 5,5 Kg

DR 600

Torque: 600 Nm
Gripping moment: 2161 Nm
Operating speed: 16
Test certificate: Tor FV 13/170
Weight: 8,6 Kg

DR 900

Torque: 900 Nm
Gripping moment: 4666 Nm
Operating speed: 16
Test certificate: Tor FV 13/171
Weight: 12,5 Kg

DR 1500

Torque: 1500 Nm
Operating speed: 12
Weight: 24 Kg

DR 2000

Torque: 2000 Nm
Operating speed: 10
Weight: 39 Kg