Control unit M-PLUS

with radio receiver

Single-phase control unit for rolling shutters is characterized by a wide range of advanced functions that make it unique on the market. In addition to the standard features such as automatic closing and the flashing light/courtesy light, it features several new features:

  • Maintenance: signals to the user the obligation to carry out maintenance once the programmed cycles have been completed.
  • Safety: allows you to connect 2 xed photocells, 1 OSE photoelectric safety edge (connectable via radio or with spiral cable), 1 optical barrier (with dedicated transformer).
  • Advanced functions: Dead Man at Opening and at Closure: Signaling of the starting movement of the shutter; Input for the 3 Open-Stop-Close buttons;
  • Plug-in connector for the M-TOUCH push-button panel.
  • Frequency: 433MHz.
  • Complies with EN 12978 – EN 12453 standards.
  • Made in Italy.